About Me

I am consultant, mediator, coach and facilitator with wide experience in international and intercultural settings. After many years working both in businesses and non-profit organisations — 8 years of which I held senior leadership position with responsibilities over personnel and several teams — I decided to work as an independent consultant for individuals and organisations in both sectors. My core competencies are the activation of resources, the resolution of conflicts, the facilitation of agreements, and the promotion of clarity, stability and structure.

In my work with people, teams and organisations, I always take into consideration various levels: the individual, the organisation and the context. My interdisciplinary work combines and integrates knowledge and techniques from different areas and disciplines. Depending on the assignment, the objective and the context, I make use of methodologies and techniques from mediation, organisational development, systemic consulting, coaching, short-term therapy, and psychology of communication, in addition to psychosocial approaches.  Similarly, in my work I apply methodologies and techniques stemming from research on resilience, stress, trauma, as well as common concepts from strategy development and project management. My emphasis is always on the people and the objectives of my clients.

Education and professional training:

  • Master in Latin American Regional Studies with a major in International Politics and Economics from the University of Cologne (Germany) and the University of Seville (Spain)
  • Postgraduate course on psychosocial approaches in contexts of political violence and natural disasters (Diplomado: Actuaciones Psicosociales, Violencia Política y Catástrofes) from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Certified mediator specialised in mediation for companies and organisations and mediation as a tool for organisational development, by the Inmedio Institute of Frankfurt, in accordance with the standards set by the Federal Association for Mediation (Germany).
  • Trained as a coach by the Gestalt Institute in Barcelona (Spain)
  • Process and embodiment focused psychology (tapping)
  • Continuous training and supervision in the areas of systemic consulting, mediation, coaching and communication

Among others, trained by:

  • Bernd Fechler and Dr. Wilfried Kerntke (Inmedio Institute)
  • Erica Ariel Fox (Programme On Negotiation, Harvard University)
  • Dr. Friedrich Glasl (Trigon Consulting)