Consulting Areas:

• Organisational development and team development
• Strategic planning and project management
• Prevention, management, and resolution of conflicts
• Stress management in the work place

Additional Consulting Areas for non-profit organisations:

• Support in the development of security and protection protocols for the work in conflict areas
• Supervision and advising for teams and organisations that work in particularly stressful contexts (for example, work in contexts with political violence and/or direct work with victims of violence)
• Integration of fundraising strategies into other programme areas

My consulting services are tailored to both non-profit organisations and businesses and focus on finding clear solutions. Their objective is to empower organisations and their employees to develop their work and the processes they face independently and sustainably. I consider myself a facilitator of processes that allow clients to gain clarity and benefit from new perspectives. This enables my clients to develop and apply ideal solutions. In my consulting services, I improve communication and cooperation; to reinforce existing skills, competence and resources; and to increase motivation and commitment.

By using participatory methods and including in the consultation processes the different perspectives and ideas of all stakeholders, we can make valuable decisions with high levels of acceptance and promise in their implementation. As a consultant, I facilitate the attainment of a common understanding, thus providing clarity and transparency about objectives, responsibilities and roles within an organisation.