Topics in Individual Coaching:

  • Personal and professional positioning and career planning
  • Leadership and role clarification in the professional context
  • Self-management and self-motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management and dealing with emotional stress
  • Other topics depending on specific requests

Topics in Team Coaching:

  • Dealing with stressful work environments
  • Team dynamics in change processes
  • Team identity and understanding
  • Other topics depending on specific requests

Coaching supports development and change processes, both at the professional and personal levels. A coach does not provide clients with expert advice; he instead helps clients develop their own tailor-made solutions. Coaching capitalizes on already-existing resources and potential to support clients in identifying their strengths and abilities. The goal of coaching is to assist clients in clarifying their motivations and goals, as well as identifying possible factors that enhance or hinder desired changes. To do this, coaching gives special consideration to the personal and professional behaviour and experiences of the stakeholders. With this in mind, it is possible to design and implement effective measures to achieve goals and objectives previously set. Together, we can activate your resources and increase tolerance to stressful environments, as well as your quality of life.